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A Fluid, Flexible and Fluent HTML template,
Multi-Device admin dashboard template

GetWinDOORS, because every home with window needs a door.

Be consistence, grow business, save time & money with our predefined UI HTML template.

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Designed for multiple Business Domains

Best UX for Admin Dashboard
& Web Applications with Demos

You can easily navigate to preview and checkout demo pages created for different types of dashboards. There are also many other application ideas introduces for making development and user’s life easy.

Angular 14 admin dashboard template A Fluid, Flexible and Fluent HTML template

Angular 14 admin dashboard template A Fluid, Flexible and Fluent HTML template

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Personalize admin dashboard as your need

Get Preview instantly and configure your theme style with personalize section

There are nothing more than customization but we have pre-defined styles as well as variable scss to customize and add your own style colors to best reflect your brand identity and standout from crowed.

We care for globalization across universe

Just one click away to preview RTL layout direction for globalization

You can set dir = rtl and class rtl on the main html tag and you are all set to see right to left layout preview and we have added on the personalization page to switch layout direction modes. This will also works with all colors and sidebar styles.

Unlike any other complex template, we keep it simple

Many different technology & skill levels, So we keep it simple to edit, convert & update.

There are many opensource technology and languages available in industry along with different skill levels developers. So by considering simplicity we keep it very much developer friendly and easy to edit update and convert with required comments in code level.

We vision one code for all and we do it

Best mobile responsive support as much as can achieve with robust bootstrap grid

We create responsive way a admin template and user can navigate to details of each page through template ability. We powered responsiveness with mobile first frontend framework bootstrap 5 and its amazingly work smoother.

One template designed for all

Multipurpose & Multi-device support
Adds accessibility for wide range audience

Each components are elastic and fluid to adopt device width with the support of bootstrap grid structure.
This enable responsiveness to project & adjust UI to wide range devices like mobile, tablet, laptop, desktops.

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