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Powerful UI kit

Adminux Dashboard template has created most expandable UI components with HTML and liquid structure. You can reuse and make your dashboard responsive with user experience.

Multiple Demo

We think of different domains and usage for our customer and provided multiple options to adjust layout, Multiple demo for dashboard, Multiple application demo like email, file explorer etc.


Creative and unique components like user module, forms module, posts, cards, header  drop-downs, sidebar layouts  etc. which you can stylize and expand as your needs for admin dashboard template.

Color scheme

We have 15+ predefined style-sheet and it comes with two light and dark colors. We have used SCSS to customize color combination as per your brand needs with easy color variable.

Unique awesome colors

Light and Dark colors

We have created 15+ predefined style with light and dark color schemes. We also provided SCSS variable support which you can expand as per your branding needs.


Layout and Structure

More flexibility and options to choose for layout.

Adminux PRO Admin Template has lot of customization option compare to other. All are  without changing any UI structure code. You just need to make global set of selection and assign it. We have options for sidebar like compact, iconic and full width. For Header like fixed top, relative position. For content area  like fixed, fluid container etc. Checkout our HTML demo preview for more.




HTML Pages


Predefined Styles


Applications Demo

More addition to this magic

Personalize Design

A beautiful way to customize your design as per your need.

Adminux PRO Dashboard Template has beautiful customiser and uses cookie to store selection now with HTML preview. You have more options like Header, Container, Sidebar and font sizes etc. Also you can make sidebar & header colored and change stylesheet from the predefined CSS light and dark colors.

AdminuxPRO personalize settings

More Freebies with AdminuxPRO template

Project Starter Kit

We think about customer need and Identify stops for their way.

AdminuxPRO provide multiple starter kit along with HTML templates.

Adminux Dashboard HTML Template comes with the Adobe XD, Angular Starter Kits so that you can  quick start UI project and development with technology.


Adobe XD UI kit contains different style of sidebar and header with dashboard page elements UI. You can reuse the structure and create new page from scratch. There are different sidebar example and header with dashboard content.

Preview Preview

AdminuxPRO angular project

Angular 8

Angular Starter kit is to represent UI structure compatibility with angular project and to showcase basic structure implementation with front-end technology. You can speed up your project with ready to use structure with starter kit.

Preview Preview


React Starter kit is to represent UI structure compatibility with angular project and to showcase basic structure implementation with front-end technology. You can speed up your project with ready to use structure with starter kit.

Preview Preview


We have created Laravel Starter Kit to quick start your project and we have included in our bundle /downloads file.

What people are saying

Customer satisfaction always priority. We have numerous feedback and review received from many customer

User Experience


Few your end customer or end user may have some special ability. Some of have color blindness and low vision. To provide facility to those people we have set high-level font customization option where you can select small, medium, large font sizes and also black and white color scheme to differentiate elements easily form personalize section.


Go ahead and extend business
with Mobile & Tablet Application

Template gives more flexibility with its own Elastic and Responsiveness

Adminux Dashboard Template is more about user experience design.We believe of productivity, we need them to utilize less space and give more to play with components. We have made it more trendy as well as usable admin template and this is makes us different from other templates. AdminuxPRO is a sign of modern colors and UI components. This also suitable for mobile and tablet hybrid app development by its elasticity and responsiveness.

Mobile Device Preview


We have try to achieve maximum responsiveness for most of our components. Due to flexible components you can also create hybrid Cordova mobile application or micro-websites. All responsiveness depends on content length and sizes. We have also introduce major third parties with responsive support like for charts, tables, maps etc.

Awarded Template


We are happy to announce that we have received Special Kudos award with Innovation Design Award, UI Design Award, UX Design Awards. We also thank to all css design judges and team for all your support and love.

Thank you!

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