PET design User Experience Design. In recent few years new era of website design moves more about user experience and users likes and dislikes. In early days website is just identity or some basic usage of website. Compare to early days now internet grow their feet and even small product there is one website available. It’s become middle person between company and customers. It’s become business selling point and it’s become a marketing strategy. Whole things are needs to include in your website, Isn’t it?

Other side of websites or applications. Even if your customers or users often visit websites and do some shopping, They might be thinking twice before you proceeding for any action.

So some questions being faced for business are like as below:

Why user trust on your websites or web applications?
How to convince user for offers and deals?
Why user stay there and read your content?
How normal visitor can be your potential customer?
How to make agree whatever you written on your website?
Why users will create their profile? register and invite others to use it… so on… so on and on….

Here I like to give overview of helpful theory named PET theory is introduced by HFI which is stands for Persuasion, Emotion and Trust, Which is very deep and research based technique. Let’s take overview about these three section.


This principle is based on motivate or demotivate user who uses website or application.


Next generation of websites are not only limited to UX which gives great user experience and best easy to access fast website but few business domain and NGO need some user engagement also, Like as shopping, buying selling product, donation on NGO website site. You have to convince people and you have to make agree. You have to drive your user to achieve business goals that why UX designer have to taking care of all user need and users feeling about that particular process flow. If you are designing product or services website you have to convince your visitor to become potential customer by presenting website with rich Persuasive design.


This principle is used to involve user’s emotion and feeling like make emotional on achievement, completing task or give some unimagined things. Encourage motivate by involving user’s emotion into your website or application. People generally gets emotional and get in touch with very fast. If you have played Subway surfer game, I like to get you in more details. In this game there is one character that running and running no other work need to do in it. But by keeping some point collection coin collection and features gives excitement about running. Also you got your rank in that game with your Facebook friends and all over rank, Which continuously inspire you to create high scores.. isn’t it?  In other websites also. PET design User Experience Design

Must remember, people are remain connected with any application or website till user’s emotions are attached with it.


This principle works when you present something trustworthy. You can motivate, you can emotionally attach with users but trust is more important thing to grow network, business and maintain stability. Get confidence/trust of user for security, investment, shopping, data, information and many more…

UX may give you a shortest and easy to use flow and user might be get satisfy but without Persuasion, Emotion and Trust its ever half work done. It’s not a big deal its generally happening thing but you cannot ignore users feelings and mindset.