What is User Experience Research?

People think that UX research or anything related to research is wasting of time and money. These people don’t live I realistic work they don’t know the value and outcome of UX research. In my point of View UX research is a very big investment to achieve a very good outcome and benefits of UX. This will affect overall product delivery and affect entire strategy of ideas about products. Change your mentality towards long term benefits by using UX investment.

User Experience research is a journey that starts with users and helps to finding context that ends towards the User Interface design. Research is action taken to identify everything systematically and you can able make decisions by conclusions, find strong fact and test cases and find issues drawbacks to provide better solutions. The outcome of research comes with user types and user needs. While doing the design process there are various techniques are used to identify context.

UX research Technics:

Card Sorting– This will help to create better navigation groups and categories website’s information Also you can ensure that the site structure is match with user’s thinking.

Contextual Interviews–This will help to observe users in their natural environment, gives deep knowledge and study about how your user is behaving and works.

First Click Testing – This is a testing method main focused on navigation, can be performed on website, a prototype, or a wire-frame.

Focus Groups – Moderated discussion with a group of users, allow you to learn about user attitudes, ideas, and desires.


Heuristic Evaluation or Expert Review – A group of usability experts evaluating your website against a list of established guidelines.

Individual Interviews – One-on-one discussions with users show you how a user flow works. They enable you to get detailed information about a user’s attitudes, desires, and experiences.

Personas – The creation of a representative user based on available data and user interviews. Though the personal details of the persona may be fiction, the information used to create the user type is not.

Prototyping – Allows the design team to explore ideas before implementing them by creating a mock-up of the site. A prototype can range from a paper mock-up to interactive html pages.

Also, several other techniques are also available like Surveys, System Usability Scale, task analysis, Usability testing and use cases

Why UX research required?

Many of the products applications and website and not much useful in the sense of Usability content and user feelings are not coming well while using that product. UX research is dynamic strategy which can avoid this kind of poorly design UX product and generates good product that is benefited to customer and end users will be happy by using it, which inspires user to use that application again and again. Finally, small invested amount of time and money will generate big outcome and helps into the business growth. Don’t mistakes in product or don’t design it for wrong product, Design for right true reliable product which is more useful by user research…